Stupid Dhoni

•January 26, 2011 • 2 Comments
These pics are for pure Dhoni haters like me!!!!

 I never knew cover drive could be played like this!
 Chest itch!!!
 I dare u to find at least 5 differences!!
 What the effing shot is this?
Exactly like a dog lifting it’s leg to piss!

The winter

•January 13, 2011 • 2 Comments

Only one post in Dec and nothing until now, so what i did this winter? well there were exams and for some strange reason they reopened that useless college on Dec 8th when there exams until 15th, and announced christmas holidays from 22nd to 3rd Jan, i bunked that useless college on 21 and on 22nd i went to Hyderabad, and man hyd was really cool (quite literally!!!!), the trip to Sajarjung museum and Charminar was great but the next day trip to Birla mandir and planetarium was awesome and then due to some reasons i left my native place a little bit early, but hyd was really good and really different from Chennai, but chennai’s a better city due to various reasons.

The Charminar
On the Charminar
Kids Running outside Mecca Masjid
Birla Museum

I was back home at for the new years eve and i celebrated it watching HIMYM or some movie(i don’t remember what i did that night!), and in the 2 week since, i saw 3 seasons of HIMYM, i don’t know why i watch it but it’s hilarious, romance is truly not my genre , the character barney stinson is the only reason why i think i watch it, THE RESULTS came and DSP f**ked as expected earlier but i never worried about it though, but this time there was some great fake hype around the timing of the results being released, like a stupid movie like endiran had before being released.
Picture this scene, you are going to college after a nice 10-15 day vacation and you meet your friends and the first thing they say is “Machi!!! today’s result” but it doesn’t come, next day, first thing in the morning, is the same stupid talk, as if the guy telling you this going to get ‘s’ grade in all his subjects, but it doesn’t happen as usual, then after 2 or 3 days you ignore these things but some absolute douche comes and says “Machi!!! i read a pdf in anna univ site machi, results are expected within the next 24 hours” like its a fu**king weather report, expected in the 24 to 48 hours!!, but it doesn’t, then this hungama/tamasha goes on for another 2 or 3 days and the results come right when your are in the lab, quite a disaster, but luckily for me i carry a “i dont give a f**k about my results” attitude, so it was pretty cool except for the occasional screaming in the face of someone’s face for mentioning  the word results.
So pongal/sankranti is already up and planning to spend these days with at least a little bit of fun, oh i have the idea i’ll burn the college calender on bhogi morning, that would be fun.

Dr.Vijay out of 3 rascals

•December 6, 2010 • 1 Comment
     “Completely fictional, if you are a Dr.Vijay fan just don’t read this”

     Well Dr.Vijay might have just saved the Indian film industry!!!!, Dr.Vijay had signed up the remake of 3 idiots movie, which if was done, could have ended up with sad and untimely demise of certain stars including the renowned stars such as Aamir Khan and Mahesh Babu out of mental trauma of being completely insulted by an ape(aka dr.vijay) performing in the their roles.
     Sources close to the project of 3 rascals inform that, Dr.shankar (director of endhiran, both got their honorary doctrate from the same university,same time, for the same money) had asked actor Dr.vijay to wipe off that ape like look off his face and get his hair properly done, to which Dr.vijay apparently replied “I am what i am!, how do you expect me to behave like a human, i have never done that before!!”, which angered the director who didn’t take caution in selecting the proper star-cast for his remake, Dr.vijay apparently further stated that he is acting in a remake of a PC game and he couldn’t change his ape-look since the continuity of that movie would be shot in the head, and sources also indicate that Jeyam.Raja who is venturing into remakes of PC games after a flurry of telugu remakes, had said that he was fascinated by the look which Dr.vijay has donned for about a decade now, “man!! , he is very much like me, we both copy telugu movies!!, i suggested his new hair-style” raja quipped.
     In related news when sources contacted Aamir khan and inquired how he feels about Dr.vijay playing the role of Rancho, he reportedly gave this stare at our source which said it all, the same source traveled south to the state of Andhra Pradesh and asked Mahesh Babu how he fells to work with the “next super-star” of tamil cinema in 3 Rascals to which he instantly gave this look, and Allu Arjun who was nearby gave this look.
     As the ouster of Dr.vijay is not yet confirmed but the news has been largely welcomed by normal citizens who now can be sure that they need not see one of the greatest movie ever made in a destroyed form. An angry citizen said “I’d prefer watching Sam Anderson’s stepnee movie instead of watching that f***face destroying one of my fav movie”, but rumors are still rumors people have to wait see.!!!!!


•November 19, 2010 • 2 Comments
The totem ain’t falling!!!!! 

     The number of movies i watch per month is nearly exorbitant, and sometimes many great movies don’t impress me, but those i like just refuse to go out of memory, diwali was 15 days ago when i watched nearly 8 movies in a 2 and days time, i wanted to watch as many movies as possible cos my exams were starting i wanted to study.
     Many movies are great but only few stick to my thoughts, like fight club, v for vendetta, city of god etc, Inception is the newest one on the list, it just blew me away, Nolan is a superb director and i’ve seen mememto, the prestige, insomania, following etc and Di caprio, he is like god to me, so the expectation from me was extremely high, and boy did they deliver!.
     The movie starts inside a dream, first 20 minutes i was going crazy cos i couldn’t understand what was happening but as i started to comprehend it was extremely good, the real USP of this movie is the climax, i was almost gasping for breath at the end of the movie, never seen a better ending in a movie.
     As expected Di caprio was excellent playing the role cobb an extractor of dreams, he is some kind of ability to bring out the best for any role, Nolan is an unbelievable director, i think his last 5 movie are in the list of  250 best movies list on imdb, the only drawback is that you have to concentrate to understand this movie, that ain’t a drawback but i think the effect of the ongoing exams is showing up.
Bottomline: Just watch this movie, you’ll be blown away as i was. 9.5/10.

Why am I an Atheist?

•November 18, 2010 • 11 Comments

     I am an atheist and always will be one, but why am i an atheist ?, a lot of people think being an atheist are weird and dangerous, OK that’s their belief which doesn’t affect me, many other atheists whom i have met ever (which is not a lot) have turned atheists at a certain point of time in their lives, but me, i think i was born that way, with the craving of proof to believe anything, deeply seeded into me, like inception, this idea of wanting proof stuck into subconscious.
     I am a kind of person who wants logic in everything, when i watch a movie, i want that movie to be perfect without any factual errors, once i find a small mistake in the plot, which i always do, i lose interest in the whole movie, i think this aspect of me explains the most about a person who i am. According to me, all the religions are just a fairytale, there is no logic in any religion and moreover all the religions are based in the geographical regions they are most prevalent today, christianity in Europe and America, islam in the middle east, hindhusim in Indian sub-continent, etc, the point is that, all religions have the common belief that “god” is creator of the universe and etc,etc then why is that religion famous only in that specific region ?, “god” had the power to create the universe, but he hadn’t enough power to spread his “truth” to all parts of the same universe?, that sounds real silly!!, and people defend this by saying other religions are the work of the devil !!!! but that’s of course is the worst-case scenario, to me people “talking-in-tongues” or getting “revelations” from god is a mental disorder called “schizophrenia”, “holy”-books are the work of a great fiction writer who has some knowledge about his surroundings, miracles are co-incidents and superstitions are shit.
     Many religious people think that advancement in technology ruined the god in people, tv, internet,education and even metal music ruined the spiritual-side of a person, according to most of them religion makes a man self-disciplined, good natured and etc…… that’s really funny!, i once saw a quote somewhere which went something like this “how good is a deed done in the fear of god rather than self belief ?”, in fact i feel atheists are more disciplined, cos if you do some thing wrong, a religious guy makes a confession or drops some money in the hundi and surprise! surprise!! all yours sins have been washed away!, but for an atheist his conscious will kill him.
     Many people turn into atheists, due to various reasons, death of a person, huge financial losses, internet or reading books of various atheists etc, but not me, i didn’t turn into an atheist. Even Periyar was a theist until a certain incident of insult happened to him, but not me, i never learned it from anyone, i was an atheist as early as 10 years of age.
     Religion is basically a waste of money, time and mental peace, trying to find things for yourself rather than blindly believing in someone can give a lot of peace, for once, Mahatma Gandhi said “It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence“, he said to his followers that to be a non-violent person he/she needn’t be a gandhi follower but the essence of non-violence must be in your hearts, he wanted his people to challenge conventions rather that meekly accepting the British raj , all i want to say is the same thing just challenge everything and discover rather than believing in fairy tales told to you.

Endhiran – My opinion.

•October 17, 2010 • 2 Comments

     I always say this and i’ll repeat it, i am not writing a review, this is my opinion and it can differ from yours.
OK i don’t like director Shankar, i started hating Rajni in the recent past for he still shamelessly acts as hero, so obviously my opinion on this movie was never good, i went to this movie on the 5th day from it’s release just to find out if it really stood up to the hungama created by the media.
     And bang-‘off’ target this movie was one of the worst I’ve ever seen, the hype was enough around this movie, people expected this movie to take Tamil cinema to a global level and this movie isn’t even a proper sci-fi type, very bad graphics, i don’t know how they spent so many crores and still gave such bad special-effects, absolutely idiotic. This movie never had logic and most of all the robot’s had Rajni’s face, whoa that was ridicules, these days youngsters can’t bear one Rajni and they gave hundreds of them. Rajni clearly looked very old, close-up shots of rajni’s face were unbearable especially his lips were so bad.
     But you got to give some credit to Rajni, his performance in the 2nd half as the “bad robot” was really good, the “black-sheep” scene and few other scenes were really great, as far as Shankar is concerned i don’t know cos there are enough hollywood movies with similar concept while “I,Robot”, “Bicentennial Man” are the closest but Shankar ‘says’ he created this story long before those hollywood movies actually released, so i really don’t know if he be praised for his efforts.
     This movie was really bad in the fight sequences and the famous “mosquito mode” scene, c’mon Shankar that was worser than all vijay’s movies put together. I didn’t like the music either, i liked only arima arima because of the video and the bgm was excellent, especially the music when the titles were rolling. So bottomless it’s an average south-indian movie.

     The Ultimate Bottomline.

CSK again

•September 10, 2010 • 2 Comments

     Last time just before the IPL, i wrote a completely crazy post, and what happened? we won the cup, so i am going follow that ‘tradition’ of hyping the team before the tournament actually starts.
     We still have a captain who don’t know to bat outside the sub-continent, but hey we have Hayden who’s batting suits the bouncy South African pitches, evidently he did extremely well in the second season of IPL held there and very badly in IPL 3 held here, Raina’s been good Kemp and Albie are playing in their home conditions, Badri can give us the needed stability and we have Mr.Cricket Hussey too, Vijay is a problem(maybe some numerology might help, he’s got a bad name) so is Dhoni, bowlers! this is something we did not have in IPL 1 and 2, but this time we have that edge, the good bowling line-up one of the best in cl-2 i would say, R.Ashwin came from nowhere to become most economical and wicket-taking bowler in the second half of IPL 3 and since then bowling problems have gone down, Murali is the maestro, jakati can really help and Bollinger another plus gives good pace, other pacers are BAD(i mean balaji,goni,joginder sharma, tyagi) i hope that they don’t even get to play one match, part timers like albie and kemp can handle it, fielding’s always been good except for 2 absolute AS****** named balaji and Goni, the team and everything around is in real good shape unlike the last time when CSK found it’s rhythm only in the second half and we fans had no real hope, so just go on rock SA guys we are supporting you, i think no need to hype as we are sure of the victory.