Happy Birthday Yuvraj Singh

     Somethings never cease to amuse us, like the beauty of a peacock, solidity of Dravid’s defense etc, but one thing i found very late, yet i knew it all the time, the commitment of Yuvraj Singh, never ending!, i remember an incident about a year ago, India were in Sri Lanka playing a ODI series, yuvi was in and out of the team due to injuries, he wasn’t playing but was in the squad, when he went to give drinks to the players in-between overs the crowd shouted “water-boy”, allegedly he got into a small verbal fight with the crowd, back then i knew, he would come back into the team and would blast his way through, but i didn’t believe that myself, but he did what he does best, he performed and outshone everybody in the 2011 wc, not only with the bat but also with the ball, he performed so well that he was the probably the reason why India ever won this wc, but even that wasn’t enough for me to see it, then he was again out of the team due to injuries, but it was leaked to media somehow that he has a lung tumour and that’s the reason for his absence from the team, then everybody realized, he played all the way through with a lung tumour and won us the wc, what kind of commitment!, there are kind of players who take rest for slightest of pain and there are players like Kumble and Yuvi who would do anything to win the game for India.

Yuvi with Man of the Series award WC 2011

     India also won the T-20 wc because of this guy’s brilliant performance against the Aussies and the English but we all speak only about the captain.

~ by sidhuptdv on December 12, 2011.

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