>The Dream


     This cannot and should not wait morning, it’s roughly been an hour since we held the WORLD CUP, man, how many times should i have to hold those tears back?, everyone in this country wanted this cup, once in their lifetime, Sachin already gave me enough memories and we normal fans before this tournie started all wanted them to win this one for only one person, and we normal people couldn’t thank the team in a million ways, this world cup was not just about Sachin, it’s the teams whole team effort. I”ve always hated Dhoni but this special innings he played today his 91, i wont forget that for my lifetime. I’ve no more words to type about how ecstatic i am now along with millions others in the country, just thankful to give all this people one reason to celebrate.


~ by sidhuptdv on April 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “>The Dream”

  1. >Surprised to see your Dhoni dislike. Any specific reason?

  2. >Was a hater, not now, i hated him because, i didn't 'see' him winning matches, i mean he never hit match winning knocks, and more importantly he had a huge slump in form right since he took up captaincy, i thought he was batting selfishly to protect himself from not getting dropped, i took time to realize he's a great captain but i still criticize some of his decisions.

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