>The Phenomenon Ind VS Pak


     I’ve already written about the Ind vs Pak match and this is another one, this is an incident in 2007 sep, i was in 12th standard at that time, and days were going slow, i had to attend maths tuition on alternate days and i never missed one day there because i really liked it, more than school, the school was getting very strict with all their stupid rules and no one there had any idea how teaching was done, i used to fail consistently in physics and chemistry and somehow manage to pass in maths, all because of this tuition i attended.

The famous Javid Miandad jump

     Anyways that’s not at all the point, it was the first time the T-20 championships were played and no one knew the power of the format then, it was not being shown on cable in most parts of the city and the dish technology was fairly new and not many had access to it. As a result most of us chennaites saw the post-match shows on news channels and there was no live radio commentary either, we missed the Pak bowl-out, Sa chocking, Eng and Aus demolition by Yuvraj, and somehow India and Pak both qualified to the finals, and everything came to a stand-still, the match was scheduled to start at 6 in the evening i guess, and almost everybody from our tuition bunked that day, i went to my friends house in east C.I.T nagar, he had a set-top box, so i knew i wouldn’t miss the match. But later i heard the final match was aired on cable also. When people say India is a cricket-crazed country, i doubted it, i myself have met many who weren’t really “crazy” about cricket, but my tuition served as the best example, that day on the final, only 5 or 6 turned up, and the class strength was nearly 65, and our tuition sir invited those 5 or 6 downstairs to his house to watch the match with his family and from then i never doubted our “craziness”. Come Wednesday, exceptions are going to be made, there will be massive bunking of schools, colleges and offices and no one will question them cos they already know it’s because of the match, some clever IT companies are going to stop working after 2 and they are going to air the final match in their own offices, that way at least only half a day will be wasted, i have college till 12 I’ll return home in time for the toss, for this is not just a match it’s a PHENOMENON.
     PS: This is just purely my view, there is a debate going on tv about diplomacy and sh*t, f**k you people!, i don’t understand you people, this is a cricket match, not your stupid politics, it will be treated as war between the two nations, we average indian-cricket fans always had this notion and will have continue to have it this way, it’s absolutely a war now after what afridi has said, so just shut up, no peace or diplomacy and anything will come out of this match, if possible enjoy the cricket else just f**k-off!


~ by sidhuptdv on March 29, 2011.

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  1. >there was no leave in my company. But they projected the match inside the floor so we all work and watch the match the same time.It was a different experience. the floor jumping and screaming when we hit 4s and 6s and picking wickets, it was almost like watching in a stadium.

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