>The Worldcup so far


     What a cup it has been so far, it started with controversies that this format is designed in such a way to protect the asian teams, but it did actually protect England too, they would have been first round exits if it was the older format for their loss against Ireland. Spraking of minnows, man, kevin o’brein, doeschate, surkari, tikolo etc can’t forget those guys, sadly they might not be in the next wc, but kob’s century left an impression, the ICC might rethink it, wc over the years was always about the minnows, remember Dwayne Leverock the fat guy from Bermuda who took that catch at first slip, the world trembled that day, wc is about these moments and it’s really sad they are not going be in the next tournament.
     Now, the quarters are over and only 3 matches to go in the tournie, England just got *itch-slapped by the Lankans, Safa’s chocked and the word is that the safa-choke is the biggest after deep-throat (laugh if you understood that, if you didn’t, just ignore), Wi as usual didn’t care much, Aussies we won against them, always love a Ind vs Aus match, got to respect Lee and Ponting for the heart they had, to give a fight like that, they are true champions, even ponting, the ahole he is, is a tremendous cricketer, will miss the ferocity of an Aussie match without them.
     The Lankans, they beat a non-asian team and that too England and on their own home-turf so they had a relatively easy qf, Nz played well but the chocker chocked and every one joked about them, Pak’s the most erratic cricket team the world has ever seen and they beat Wi which is also relatively easy, India had the toughest match of the qf, yuvi was great throughout the cup, and hopefully for the rest of it also.

     This leaves us with Sl vs Nz and Ind Vs Pak sf’s, i don’t care about the first sf, thats will most probably be one-sided Sl victory, IND vs PAK that’s the dream, that’s called rivalry, the ashes can suck it’s own ash compared to this, the ashes is complete mismatch England almost never won until the recent years and it has a following, but this was never like that, both teams fought a battle, only with bat and ball, i not going to hype it anymore than it’s already hyped, and hyped as it deserves to be, I predict a Ind vs Sl final. Afridi just said a few hours back this,”Sachin will have to wait until after the World Cup for his 100th international century because we are not going to allow either him or any other Indian player to play a big innings” all i can say is wait until 30th and you’ll made to mince your own words.


~ by sidhuptdv on March 26, 2011.

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