>The Wc ’11


     I hadn’t written a post in a while and i thought it was time, first things first, i hate dhoni, i hate him cos, he had talent and when he took the captaincy he just forgot how to bat, and was riding on luck and performances of others.
     Ind vs Sa, we scored 296 something, where we should have scored more, we didn’t, not that we batted badly or they bowled well, but batting the wrong batsmen at the wrong time, that was a mistake, i still suppose dhoni is human, so he’s bound to make a few. Second half, Sa batted brilliantly, we bowled and we fielded bad, Zaheer came, changed things on its head, we were in a winning position, 49th over bowled by zaheer, superb over only 5 runs in that i guess, last over 13 required, robin peterson and faf du plessis batting, we had bhajji, nehra, y pathan, yuvraj, to bowl the last over, we still remember the 5 sixes of yuvi’s last over in england, pathan inexperienced, nehra fucked up the last over many times in the past(he’s good bowler, just the death overs), the obvious choice was bhajji, dude’s experienced also, yet that asshole of a captain gives the ball to the delhiwala, i can’t blame nehra here at all, not that i hate dhoni i am blaming him now, just that logic was no there.
     Lets consider this situation last over of the ’07 wc (t20 championship), last over given to joginder fuckin sharma, just think, if that over had failed and Pak won that match, where would have our “captain cool” been today, that over was a obvious bad choice, but luck favored him and i for one believe that matches have to be won by skill rather than luck.
     Hindsight is always 20-20, last match against WI, we made 268, lesser than we would have scored, i personally felt raina should have come in earlier where dhoni came and to the last both the beasts y pathan and dhoni, would have been perfect, but let’s face it, we batted really bad and that too without roach, second half, this is where the problem was, Wi didn’t have gayle, chanderpaul, and yet they almost chased us, ashwin and zaheer the only 2 proper bowlers we have in this tournament, ashwin was wasted in first 15 overs itself, and zaheer was not given the ball after his first 2 overs, and we bowled all part-timers from 6th over onwards, i didn’t understand it, i thought fast bowlers get the new ball and the spinners get the used one, but it was the reverse, and that too using part-timers not even yuvraj, it was raina and pathan for most of the time, dhoni was waiting for reverse swing i guess, as if we have a wasim akram, waqar younis, abdul razzaq kind of bowling attack all we have in the fast bowling is zaheer, the only Indian who could reverse at present, all we should have done is bowled bowlers not the part-timers at fielded properly, if this kind of tactics persists in the match against the aussies, i am sure we’re losing it, and i’ll blame dhoni and solely dhoni only for that.
     But something inside me says that, we’re going to win that match, this world cup is all about Sachin, and we still have Shewag, Gambir, Yuvraj, Kholi, Ashwin, Zaheer, we have a team that can win, things are all not falling in place, it’s just like a puzzle and when the day comes i hope we find all the pieces in it’s proper place. 

~ by sidhuptdv on March 22, 2011.

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