>Gallantry, wizardry, whatevery


     Last year in the month of feb, i posted about 17 posts and this year none, there was world cup, sehwag’s brilliant 175, the nerve-cracking tie with england, one or two good movies to write about but my computer broke down. The SMPS of my computer burned out owing to a stupid 9 year old UPS which shuts itself down during a power failure than doing the opposite. It took 450 bucks and a week buy a new SMPS and as soon as i bought one and fixed it, i realized that there was something else, no power to the motherboard! after trying some stupid things like removing the RAM and rubbing it with an eraser and inserting it back and speculating the mother-board might be gone for 2 days, i realized that the power cable was the problem(with some help over the phone), replaced with another cable and bam, power supply to the board but moments later my joy came crashing down as i find that i’ve successfully managed to make the “on” switch on the cpu to malfunction by repeatedly hitting it while it was not working, i somehow learnt some basic ece and with help learnt how to short the pins on the board and make current pass through the board and thus make the computer work. This feat of gallantry and mastery of technology make my computer the only one on the planet to start when the reset button is pressed and to stay still when the reset button is pressed.

~ by sidhuptdv on March 6, 2011.

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