The winter

Only one post in Dec and nothing until now, so what i did this winter? well there were exams and for some strange reason they reopened that useless college on Dec 8th when there exams until 15th, and announced christmas holidays from 22nd to 3rd Jan, i bunked that useless college on 21 and on 22nd i went to Hyderabad, and man hyd was really cool (quite literally!!!!), the trip to Sajarjung museum and Charminar was great but the next day trip to Birla mandir and planetarium was awesome and then due to some reasons i left my native place a little bit early, but hyd was really good and really different from Chennai, but chennai’s a better city due to various reasons.

The Charminar
On the Charminar
Kids Running outside Mecca Masjid
Birla Museum

I was back home at for the new years eve and i celebrated it watching HIMYM or some movie(i don’t remember what i did that night!), and in the 2 week since, i saw 3 seasons of HIMYM, i don’t know why i watch it but it’s hilarious, romance is truly not my genre , the character barney stinson is the only reason why i think i watch it, THE RESULTS came and DSP f**ked as expected earlier but i never worried about it though, but this time there was some great fake hype around the timing of the results being released, like a stupid movie like endiran had before being released.
Picture this scene, you are going to college after a nice 10-15 day vacation and you meet your friends and the first thing they say is “Machi!!! today’s result” but it doesn’t come, next day, first thing in the morning, is the same stupid talk, as if the guy telling you this going to get ‘s’ grade in all his subjects, but it doesn’t happen as usual, then after 2 or 3 days you ignore these things but some absolute douche comes and says “Machi!!! i read a pdf in anna univ site machi, results are expected within the next 24 hours” like its a fu**king weather report, expected in the 24 to 48 hours!!, but it doesn’t, then this hungama/tamasha goes on for another 2 or 3 days and the results come right when your are in the lab, quite a disaster, but luckily for me i carry a “i dont give a f**k about my results” attitude, so it was pretty cool except for the occasional screaming in the face of someone’s face for mentioning  the word results.
So pongal/sankranti is already up and planning to spend these days with at least a little bit of fun, oh i have the idea i’ll burn the college calender on bhogi morning, that would be fun.


~ by sidhuptdv on January 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “The winter”

  1. >thats nice to hear that u hav liked hydbut its the best just remember

  2. >he he ok 🙂

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