Dr.Vijay out of 3 rascals

     “Completely fictional, if you are a Dr.Vijay fan just don’t read this”

     Well Dr.Vijay might have just saved the Indian film industry!!!!, Dr.Vijay had signed up the remake of 3 idiots movie, which if was done, could have ended up with sad and untimely demise of certain stars including the renowned stars such as Aamir Khan and Mahesh Babu out of mental trauma of being completely insulted by an ape(aka dr.vijay) performing in the their roles.
     Sources close to the project of 3 rascals inform that, Dr.shankar (director of endhiran, both got their honorary doctrate from the same university,same time, for the same money) had asked actor Dr.vijay to wipe off that ape like look off his face and get his hair properly done, to which Dr.vijay apparently replied “I am what i am!, how do you expect me to behave like a human, i have never done that before!!”, which angered the director who didn’t take caution in selecting the proper star-cast for his remake, Dr.vijay apparently further stated that he is acting in a remake of a PC game and he couldn’t change his ape-look since the continuity of that movie would be shot in the head, and sources also indicate that Jeyam.Raja who is venturing into remakes of PC games after a flurry of telugu remakes, had said that he was fascinated by the look which Dr.vijay has donned for about a decade now, “man!! , he is very much like me, we both copy telugu movies!!, i suggested his new hair-style” raja quipped.
     In related news when sources contacted Aamir khan and inquired how he feels about Dr.vijay playing the role of Rancho, he reportedly gave this stare at our source which said it all, the same source traveled south to the state of Andhra Pradesh and asked Mahesh Babu how he fells to work with the “next super-star” of tamil cinema in 3 Rascals to which he instantly gave this look, and Allu Arjun who was nearby gave this look.
     As the ouster of Dr.vijay is not yet confirmed but the news has been largely welcomed by normal citizens who now can be sure that they need not see one of the greatest movie ever made in a destroyed form. An angry citizen said “I’d prefer watching Sam Anderson’s stepnee movie instead of watching that f***face destroying one of my fav movie”, but rumors are still rumors people have to wait see.!!!!!


~ by sidhuptdv on December 6, 2010.

One Response to “Dr.Vijay out of 3 rascals”

  1. lol!!! Very True!!! I would rather watch Sam Anderson's movie…

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