The totem ain’t falling!!!!! 

     The number of movies i watch per month is nearly exorbitant, and sometimes many great movies don’t impress me, but those i like just refuse to go out of memory, diwali was 15 days ago when i watched nearly 8 movies in a 2 and days time, i wanted to watch as many movies as possible cos my exams were starting i wanted to study.
     Many movies are great but only few stick to my thoughts, like fight club, v for vendetta, city of god etc, Inception is the newest one on the list, it just blew me away, Nolan is a superb director and i’ve seen mememto, the prestige, insomania, following etc and Di caprio, he is like god to me, so the expectation from me was extremely high, and boy did they deliver!.
     The movie starts inside a dream, first 20 minutes i was going crazy cos i couldn’t understand what was happening but as i started to comprehend it was extremely good, the real USP of this movie is the climax, i was almost gasping for breath at the end of the movie, never seen a better ending in a movie.
     As expected Di caprio was excellent playing the role cobb an extractor of dreams, he is some kind of ability to bring out the best for any role, Nolan is an unbelievable director, i think his last 5 movie are in the list of  250 best movies list on imdb, the only drawback is that you have to concentrate to understand this movie, that ain’t a drawback but i think the effect of the ongoing exams is showing up.
Bottomline: Just watch this movie, you’ll be blown away as i was. 9.5/10.


~ by sidhuptdv on November 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Inception”

  1. One classic plot i saw after a long long time… There are flaws though… But looking at the width of the plot, it doesnt matter…

  2. ya there are a few, but the complexity masks them 🙂

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