Why am I an Atheist?


     I am an atheist and always will be one, but why am i an atheist ?, a lot of people think being an atheist are weird and dangerous, OK that’s their belief which doesn’t affect me, many other atheists whom i have met ever (which is not a lot) have turned atheists at a certain point of time in their lives, but me, i think i was born that way, with the craving of proof to believe anything, deeply seeded into me, like inception, this idea of wanting proof stuck into subconscious.
     I am a kind of person who wants logic in everything, when i watch a movie, i want that movie to be perfect without any factual errors, once i find a small mistake in the plot, which i always do, i lose interest in the whole movie, i think this aspect of me explains the most about a person who i am. According to me, all the religions are just a fairytale, there is no logic in any religion and moreover all the religions are based in the geographical regions they are most prevalent today, christianity in Europe and America, islam in the middle east, hindhusim in Indian sub-continent, etc, the point is that, all religions have the common belief that “god” is creator of the universe and etc,etc then why is that religion famous only in that specific region ?, “god” had the power to create the universe, but he hadn’t enough power to spread his “truth” to all parts of the same universe?, that sounds real silly!!, and people defend this by saying other religions are the work of the devil !!!! but that’s of course is the worst-case scenario, to me people “talking-in-tongues” or getting “revelations” from god is a mental disorder called “schizophrenia”, “holy”-books are the work of a great fiction writer who has some knowledge about his surroundings, miracles are co-incidents and superstitions are shit.
     Many religious people think that advancement in technology ruined the god in people, tv, internet,education and even metal music ruined the spiritual-side of a person, according to most of them religion makes a man self-disciplined, good natured and etc…… that’s really funny!, i once saw a quote somewhere which went something like this “how good is a deed done in the fear of god rather than self belief ?”, in fact i feel atheists are more disciplined, cos if you do some thing wrong, a religious guy makes a confession or drops some money in the hundi and surprise! surprise!! all yours sins have been washed away!, but for an atheist his conscious will kill him.
     Many people turn into atheists, due to various reasons, death of a person, huge financial losses, internet or reading books of various atheists etc, but not me, i didn’t turn into an atheist. Even Periyar was a theist until a certain incident of insult happened to him, but not me, i never learned it from anyone, i was an atheist as early as 10 years of age.
     Religion is basically a waste of money, time and mental peace, trying to find things for yourself rather than blindly believing in someone can give a lot of peace, for once, Mahatma Gandhi said “It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence“, he said to his followers that to be a non-violent person he/she needn’t be a gandhi follower but the essence of non-violence must be in your hearts, he wanted his people to challenge conventions rather that meekly accepting the British raj , all i want to say is the same thing just challenge everything and discover rather than believing in fairy tales told to you.


~ by sidhuptdv on November 18, 2010.

11 Responses to “Why am I an Atheist?”

  1. Why Gods are regional specific?? Coz they were once men from the same region. These people were one of the wisest people of that time. They understood life more than anyone else. People who did not understand that became their followers. They started comparing them to God. Centuries later they are still remembered as God.eg: Buddha is a prince in Hinduism, but God in Buddhism… Jesus is a messenger in Islam but God in Christianity.

  2. great point dude, never crossed my mind.

  3. long back i had thought of writing abt this in blog… but completely forgot…

  4. >You conveniently dismiss the existence of God because you use definitions and logic offered up by formal religion. Try dismissing the existence of God when you believe that he gave us freewill and now all bets are off. You have what we have always had…the good and bad. Also, Einstein pondered about God and did not summarily dismiss the existence. Franklin and Lincoln both believed. So, your little picture is off. Good enough for only some idiots.

  5. >thank you for enlightening on that picture, it will stay though, i don't believe 'he' gave us freewill and it really isn't convenient to be an atheist, and i don't know what's formal and informal religion.I really like the way you commented without being abusive, thank you.

  6. >Siddhartha,I hope that one day you will realize the one and only God's existence. Have you ever thought how you became a complete human being from a small cell (liquid) ? Did you realize your body eventually will go back to dust ? Aren't you worried about the grave and judgement day ?Please spend some time researching on major religions. See how one came after and how they are all connected. How all the major religions in the world point to same God ? I am sorry that I don't have enough writing skills to put things clearly. My request to you is to think more about it. I pray to God that you are being guided by God, and you do die as non-atheist. God bless you.

  7. >thank Anonymous, i did some research on some major religions i found all of them to be BS, do i look i am worried about judgement day and stuff!, and people like us are not the one's who end up killing others for the sake of having a different faith, we are the one's who end up doing the least harm to anyone, so please, you or anyone can't change me so don't even bother, Thank You.

  8. i never seen or read any article that abraham lincoln dismisses the existence of God…nor Einstein? so why put them on your little picture? what's the logic of putting it? dragging any person's pic and putting name "atheism" on it? if you believe not in the existence of God, let it be, but would you please not put a person's picture who did not deny the existence of God…

  9. The Einstein thing is true… he struggled with the idea of religion and science. He wrote a lot about religion and god and the "unknown." I am an atheist, by the way…

  10. the spirit of atheism comes from doubting, hence doubters are associated with atheism, no one was a just born atheist, it's when they start to doubt, they become atheists, so that's why they are in the picture,and Einstein thing, i once saw a video somewhere, it was seminar by a professor on why he thought Einstein believed, that prof, quoted examples of various others scientists as well who were believers, he said that many scientists turned into believers when they couldn't find a reason for how the things are happening, Einstein started believing when he couldn't solve a problem which could have been easily solved with the present day math, i don't remember what he couldn't solve and i am unable to get the video's link, but that's what i think it is, end of thinking capacity!

  11. Guess you don't wanna be at our BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy in the Great Beyond; guess you don't wanna be resurrected; guess you wanna travel down – your indelible soul lives fo'eva, brudda. Guess I won't be seeing you after death. Goodbye.

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