This is surely not a review, but my opinion, i saw this move some 2 weeks back and it was released a month a half back and since i can’t it out of my mind. I am like an addict to watching movies, i see 4 to 5 movies per week(of course on my computer), and sometimes even movies in languages i don’t understand(english sub’s) and they are generally very highly rated on imdb, but this movie stands strikingly amongst all the movies i’ve seen recently, this is period movie based in the old day chennai, and it’s a beautiful love story, arya as always tries to work for performance based scripts like this and it works for him, this movie wasn’t expected to make waves or anything at all, hence it had an average opening but within the 2nd week the word spread and theaters filled up, this is the movie for every class, it just amazed me, that a tamil movie, a period movie could become a hit and still be critically acclaimed, the scenes in which wrestling or ‘kusthi’ fights occur, they were something different, i don’t know what to write on this movie any further, cos it’s beyond words, must watch and you have no reason to live if you are a from chennai and you still have not seen this movie.


~ by sidhuptdv on August 14, 2010.

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