Shutter Island

     Thanks to piracy i was able to watch this movie, this is not a review it’s just my opinion. Shutter Island is a  very good movie according to me, directed by Martin Scorcese this movie lived up to the hype that it created after it’s official american release, normally the hollywood movies are not very fast the suspense movies i mean, there is some part of the movie which will get too boring yet meaningful but this movie somehow managed to keep you in that mood and yet was logical, there are enough twist in the plot to keep you hooked, this kind of a narrative style resembles “Fight Club” which almost never allows you to doubt the hallucinated person, one thinks that character is real almost till the climax. Di Caprio as always did a fine job his role is of an U.S Marshall and then of an schizophrenic ex-U.S marshall.

     There is a significant part of the movie where Di Caprio seem to get hallucinations of his wife and a small girl, these scenes looked really good, a strange feeling creeps through during these scenes, unlike in “Fight Club” where “mayhem” is caused late after the lead starts to hallucinate, here the lead hallucinates only because of previous emotional issues with his wife. This mental disorder schizophrenia is an amazing thing have seen a similar movie recently, similar in the sense of mental disorder concept nothing else though , the movie is “Karthick Calling Karthick” that was also pirated and very thrilling feel-good movie.Then another movie with a similar concept is “Donnie darko” and somebody please explain that movie to me.   


~ by sidhuptdv on June 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Shutter Island”

  1. I liked the movie as well… But not the climax… Only bcoz there were quite a few movies with the similar kind of climax (like 'Lucky Number Sleven')… But i loved the rest of the movie mainly bcoz it drived me crazy to solve the mystery, especially when the real Rachael was found. Altogether, good movie.

  2. Always wanted to watch lucky number sleven let's see when time permits and i remember at that time i'll surely watch, anyways this was a good movie.

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