Height of Fanaticism

     I have nothing personal against that guy. I have an uncle who is a fan of a telugu actor Akkeneni Nageshwar Rao, so he automatically became a fan of his son Nagarjuna and his son Naga Chaithanya and also automatically hates Venkatesh and his family (some family problems between the two stars). A few days back i was outside with the uncle in his shop, somebody asked him what movie’s he has seen recently and his plans for the newly released movie’s he said he saw most of the movies running and was particularly NOT interested in watching Vedam (the only proper movie, but that’s his taste i respect it), he said pointing to the poster of vedam “Those two guys on the poster, roam on trees, i don’t watch their movie’s”( for aussies: that ain’t racial vilification mates), those two guys were Allu Arjun, nephew of Chiranjeevi and Manchu Manoj son of Mohan Babu.
     Extreme fanaticism leads to some stupidity, a few days prior to the quoted statement, he said “Yem Maya Chesave (telugu version of Vinnay thandi Varuvaya) showed all the power of naga chaithanya”, now look at that guy, naga chaithanya is one of the ugliest looking actor, or at least compare him with the other two guys, he surely is uglier than both, this guy NC when he opens his mouth the trouble starts, he looks are fairly ok if his mouth is closed but if it is opened wtf, my first impression was that he looked like a gorilla, from what I’ve seen his dialog delivery is bad, his acting i don’t know i saw only a few scenes, dance was ok, looks devastatingly ugly, he walks like he has a hunch, comparing other guys both actors tell dialogs with grace especially AA he has a unique style, acting both are good MM’s acting was good in Vedam, dance AA’s special attribute is dance any person will be amazed looking at dance absolutely amazing dancer (vijay copies his step’s and get’s the credit for doing an “original” step), MM is an good dancer, looks both are not very handsome but not ugly by the first impression, AA is lot better than the two others in the looks department.
     If the other 2 guys can be monkeys NC should be a gorrila, ok let me end this post i am not trying to make  NC look ugly, i don’t care how he looks but i was just showing the height of fanaticism.    


~ by sidhuptdv on June 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Height of Fanaticism”

  1. Heyy!I love your blog, its really interesting! I'm from Chennai as well, but we are a Telugu family. Never lived in India though, but anyways I am a film student and I LOVE your film posts!ttyl!xoxo

  2. Cool somebody completely unknown likes my posts and my film posts!,my bro always says i never give a proper review of a movie, of course i write my opinion not a review, my a tad-biased film opinions are appreciated, i take that as a compliment. šŸ™‚

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