I’ve been to my native Andhra pradesh recently and got to watch two telugu movies, now this is kind of weird cos the movie i liked very much is a commercial flop and the movie a hated all the way is a hit, talks a lot about telugu movie standards.

     SIMHA: This was a movie which i never wanted to go, cos i always knew the actor above is as bad as vijay, but i did go cos i was told it was a good movie, wtf? good? i must use this occasion to congratulate vijay as i’ll not be saying anything good about him later, vijay you are lot better that stupid bala krishna, absolutely stupid movie was simha all the movie there were nothing but outrageous, non-sense fight sequences  in the opening fight sequence he beats about 7-10 men with one hand in the pocket!!!!, vijay even you could have never done that man, and heroines, there were 3 of them Namitha, Sneha Ullal, Nayanthara, of which only nayanthara had a little proper role, sneha looked like balayya’s daughter and Namitha like big fat pig, both with no significant role, absolutely stupid movie, but that’s the way it is mass audience want such movie, without a story, meaning less glamour, and absolutely no logic.
     But this Bala Krishna as a person i find one of the most jovial kind of person, there is a cricket tournament coming up for cinema actors and i see him very actively participating and being funny and etc just one good thing about him.
     VEDAM: Directed by Radha krishna, this is a masterpiece of a movie, but unfortunately i don’t know if this movie will be a hit commercially, the director previously made a masterpiece called “Gamyam” which is based on the italian movie “Motorcycle diaries” and he returns now to make vedam which was released on june 4th and i watched on 5th, the story is complicated which is exactly what i liked about the movie, there are 5 stories which run simultaneously, screenplay was excellently done like the kind of screenplay in “The Prestige” where the scenes make very little sense until late in the movie. Manchu Manoj generally considered as a talentless fool outside played the role of a rock star from benguluru and one of his troop member is Lekha Washington, the former SS music vj, Allu Arjun the stylish star played the role of educated slum dweller “Cable Raju”, Manoj Bajpai plays the role of a muslim who is affected by the religious clashes that take place in hyderabad, then the story of a villager who sells his kidney to pay up the money he borrowed played by Naggayya and Saranya, then there is what you are waiting for ANUSKHA plays the role of Saroja a prostitute who run away from her brothel looking for greener pastures, no unwanted exposure of glamour here even the role of a prostitute has been done without any hungama.
      This a movie had it been made in hollywood it would have easily got nominated for oscars but it is a telugu movie so don’t dream, won’t even get nominated as a best movie from India, music was good and very meaningful, camera work was good story is very good, screenplay excellent, Must watch for anyone, climax was excellent.
     But i don’t think this might become a commercial hit cos there is nothing the mass audience want, but excellent work by the director there is surely a set, generally termed as A-center audience who’ll like the movie.  

~ by sidhuptdv on June 10, 2010.

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