Vinnai thaandi varuvaya

     I made an effort to go to Royapuram from Ponnamali to watch this movie at Idream cinemas, and indeed also made an effort to watch the movie, a few days ago an sms was floating around which said that only a person who does not know one bit about love would say ” Enna miru padam da idhu?”(what a stupid movie is this?), this movie was clearly advertised more than it required, i don’t mean the movie is very bad, no not that, but it ain’t Gautham Menon’s best movie either.

     This movie is a love failure story, some random fool said it was a copy of the english movie “500 Days of Summer” but it is not, in this movie, Simbu acts as Kartick an engineering grad who wants to become a movie director and Trisha is a M.C.A grad working in a software company, he is one year younger than she, he is hindu she is malayali christian, nothing seems to favour love between the both, but then fall in love, but her dad wants her to marry only a christian and a person with a “proper” job, at one point when she asks him to take her somewhere and marry her he refuses as he is in goa shooting for a movie as crew member, then love breaks and story goes on, no more spoilers.
     Gautham Menon stereotypes his characters and that was the major reason for my irritation, his style was clearly evident in the movie,hero’s parents are always building a new house, heroine has either studied math in college or computers, in this movie both math and computers, heroine mostly appears in formal saree’s, they are tall and slow-talkers, let me put it in one small line, Trisha make-up looked strikingly similar to Jo’s in Khakke-Khakke and Asin’s in Gharshana (telugu version on KK), and there were many other similarities(which don’t come to my mind as i type this) which made the movie look a little bit not-new.
      Music is always a plus for Gautham’s movies, but this movie’s music got mixed reviews, a few liked it very much, to the extent that they sang that “Hosanna” song literally a million times by now and a few did not like it that much and i was the extreme kind who hated the music, for me only hossana was a bit bearably others were terrible, i am no one to comment on ARR’s music, he is the maestro but i am not a fan of slow melodies, for me music must be loud and fast, but the bgm themes were excellent i felt, one theme starts like the sound which comes from the snake charmers instrument, or i don’t know what it is and then it goes on with a lot of drumming i liked that very much but unfortunately the themes for the movie were not released with the audio.
     Performances in the movie were good, Trisha particularly acted superbly i felt, always when she was walking i felt her walk was funny, which was later used in the movie when simbu says to her that her walk was funny, that line really surprised me, Simbu did not do his normal over-acting, sappa scene putting, mockai dancing role, but he acted properly and most importantly no reference to TR, this is Gautham’s movie everything else was perfect except for the story, dialog “it’s like a way ticket to the heart break city” was innovative and that’s it i remember of that movie, after all it’s not a “Prison Break” to remember till death.

~ by sidhuptdv on April 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Vinnai thaandi varuvaya”

  1. Cool

  2. Atleast this story was better than VETAIKARAN

  3. lot better than any vijay's movie in the last 10 years, this movie isn't that bad just little bit similar to all other gautham's movies.

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