Chennai Super Kings

     Shit, i don’t know what’s wrong with our team franchise, first they give a yellow color jersey, people say manja color banian(yellow, yellow dirty fellow with a captain buffalo), kothanaru podaru banian (masons wear a similar yellow color vest and do their work), Kak*** color da adhu (no expalination). Then they select a buffalo as the captain with no proper bowling attack, then they create a unbearable team song, then they buy cheap cheer leaders, then they make vijay the team ambassador… what not?
     I am tired of explaining all the geth our dress colour, and i don’t support the captain but i back all the stupid player, then i say, this is the best team this is MY team, and saying vijay is removed now’s sivamani.
     What for? Tomorrow is IPL, I don’t see any fever out there, saturday is our first match, no proper advertising on tv or internet or even newspapers, KKR the most stupidest IPL team is also doing some advertising, what are we doing? We got enough negative publicity already with a buffalo playing for the team and a pig ambassadoring the team I don’t know what’s my purpose as a fan, I don’t know why i am a fan of such a stupid team.
     But wait,This is MY team what if those assholes don’t publicize MY team, I will be a fan for life. MY team WILL win the tournament this time, this time no semi final finish and stuff, winners is the only finish we are going to see this time. My team has the best batting line up, now come and face my team and you are only getting to be humiliated by boundaries flying outside the ground, come saturday it’s gonna be mayhem on the field, it’s gonna seem like there is reverse gravity effect when MY team bat, balls gonna get ripped apart, and getting lost every few overs, such is the bashing gonna be, every other team out there is going to think “shit guys we’ve been cheated, they are using black magic” such is the effect going to be, it would be just like the Kings have arrived but wait, we are the Superkings, Beware others out there, the Superkings are on the prowl.


~ by sidhuptdv on March 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Chennai Super Kings”

  1. We should try blue jersey remember Rajasthan and Deccan wore blue when they won!!

  2. we have royal blue in our jersey already, but that's not highlighted, it's sent to a corner with the orange…

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