Why I hate the movie "Slumdog millionaire" and "Jai ho"

Why would anyone hate them, they have won Oscars in their categories already? That would be the obvious question, let me explain, many may think that i am insane, even my own bro does not agree with me in this, ok check it.
Slumdog is not at all a great movie, this a fact, Explanation:, it has a story which most probably won’t occur in India at all, of course it did use a bit of real life incidents like the Mumbai’s hindu-muslim riots,but jamal speaking in flawless english and using a call center computer with ease, that’s extremely bad. The movie is filled with many other mistakes that which i don’t remember right now, and moreover have we never seen a movie with a similar story line?, yes we have and that too about some 10 years back, and no oscar was given to them, and why was this movie given an oscar? maybe a white guy directed it, we Indians have already directed movies movies far better than slumdog, but they were ignored.
Jai Ho is not even one of the best of A.R.R songs, now this may vary from person to person, I did not like the song from the very beginning, i don’t mean it is bad but it is surely not the best, and i wonder how Gulzar got the oscar for best lyrics when the selection panel probably did not even understand one line in the song.
And adding insult to injury the media went gung-ho about this movie while even Amithab Bachchan openly criticized the movie, i felt that only the screenplay of the movie was good apart from cinematography, music was good not the best and original screenplay did win an award which was fair, i wonder about the other awards and i don’t have any idea about Resul Pookuty’s award.
Performances, shit performance by Dev patil, others did a very good job, all kids were excellent, Freida Pinto needs a special mention, Irfan Khan, Anil Kapoor every one did a good job except Dev Patil who played the older Jamal in the movie.
I fell that had a movie like this had been made in hindi, it would have never even have become a hit and then it would have never found a way into the list of oscar nominations from India and the world would have never known a movie like this existed. So why were we so proud when ARR won the award?, it’s just pure indirect insult to our culture, So why were we so proud when the movie won awards for direction and screenplay?, when the direction and screenplay was not done by an Indian, first of all why were so proud about this movie which is not at all Indian? The ultimate answer is that the MEDIA has duped us into believing that it was actually a good movie based on our culture. I don’t know when the media will ever stop hyping unnecessary things.
I know that many would not agree with what i just wrote, but i’ll end this post with a tinge of happiness that India’s most favorite actor is on my side or rather i am on his side. Sorry if i was racial, but i couldn’t find no better way to explain it.   


~ by sidhuptdv on February 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Why I hate the movie "Slumdog millionaire" and "Jai ho"”

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  3. Good post… I totally agree with almost everything… Minor logics were ignored… I loved the acting of the 10 yr old Jamal but he didn't get a bit recognized…Abt music: Jai Ho is a good song (not the best) but ARR won the oscar coz there was no match for it… I think Resul also did a good job coz the Music was used perfectly to the scenes… Also BGM award for ARR was also good… Some of the tracks like 'Mausam and Escape', 'Lathika's Theme', etc are mind-blowing.But we shouldn't have been proud of winning Oscars. What is oscars??? Its just an equivalent to National Award, only difference being Oscars are for english and National Awards are for 180 languages across India.. Oscars are not even given for Britain and Australian movies.

  4. Yes man you are correct about the minor logics being ignored.. I also agree with the fact that 'JAI HO' is not the 'best' song of arr there are better songs of his… 'jai ho' is good but not the best… You've a good argument man

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