Sachin THE God.

     This is my 50th post and what a wonderful thing i got to write for this post, Sachin and his 200*, it’s a Divine sent gift (i mean sachin when i say divine,God etc). I spent a fair bit of my life in one sadness, only one record not created or broken by the God, but i thought that the god is omnipotent and just for a him a record book could be created and just that one record would not matter at all. But i’ll remember the 24th of February, celebrate this day as it is one of the most important day of the year apart from the 24th of April this is the day that broke an existing record and also create a new record that no living person has done(that’s why he is the God). I stood up in adulation, tears rolled down(i don’t know why it happened, but it surely did happen) and was paralyzed with admiration,passion or any other word in that dictionary for love for the God, there is completeness now, every mafa record is made by the God now, is there anyone out there to question any aspect of the God?, C’mon where are those who said that he’s old for the game?, C’mon where are those who said he is not consistant?, C’mon where are those who said he can’t bat fast?, C’mon where are those who uttered those blasphemous shit? and most importantly where is that coach and a wicketkeeper-batsmen and other mere-mortals who doubted his commitment?, Ya you got it, those have dug their heads into a ditch full of dog shit or they have understood their mistake and changed their stance from anti-god to devotees of the omni powerful.
     There was an sms after the record from a good friend of mine, he asked “I got a critical doubt now, will the God’s 200 be considered as the 46th century or his first 200?”, i never replied, i did not know the answer, but  all i knew was that God is great and only because of him these kinds of doubts could arise, all i can say is that, “I was an Atheist, but saw Sachin Tendulkar and realized how blind i was“. One chance, i need to meet him or at least see him from a distance, i can go back and die happily!, what else is left?, i would have attained salvation, that’s enough for my life.


~ by sidhuptdv on February 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sachin THE God.”

  1. truly amazing… I was expecting this post from u :)If scoring double century is incredible, scoring it at an age of 36 without using a runner, batting through-out the 50 overs, and the best – came out to field shows the true commitment of sachin to cricket…Just to make things right Kirsten or Dhoni never doubted Sachin…

  2. i meant greg chappel, adam gilchrist

  3. oh ok… Not to forget Ian Chappel who kept on insisting sachin to retire…

  4. Those buggers(AUSSIES) are jelous of India's pride Sachin they say Sachin is not the greatest ever so did Micheal Atherton but i think this knock from Sachin has proven he is the best and greatest ever and knocked those critics out… Am sure Ponting wont be able to emulate Tendulkar… Ponting is Ponting and Sachin is Sachin…

  5. completely forgot about ian chappel while writing this post, the chappel bro's are real assholes, they don't have the moral right even to question somebody like Shahid Afridi,they never played in the spirit of the game(underarm bowling incident).

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