Judaism and Islam

Ok i did not do a lot of research before this post so just don’t get into the absolute correctness of what i write,
I got an sms the other day, which said,

Why Muslim girls want to marry Hindu men?
1.Freedom from Burkha.
2. Relief from 7-8 deliveries.
3. Clean shaved Husband.
4.Most important Uncut-Banana!!!
I don’t know how funny it was, but i wanted to find about that banana thing,so i googled it, and i found somebody has already asked that question on yahoo answers, then i found that even jews have their banana’s cut!.
Ok now the point is, that muslims say that prophet said it to them first, he gave 5 other hygiene rules like shaving underarms, trimming the mustache ( but can have big beard),blah blah, now the fun starts here, jews claim that all that was copied from their torah!!!!(they never get along well, i don’t know the reason why), ok as far i know islam is 1400 years old and judaism 3000 years, now, which one is better to believe in?, yep you got it right, nothing.
Now that’s a really good example to show how stupidly all the religious text’s are linked up, bible and torah, torah and quran, quran and bible and other stupid books. While even simple logic could say a lot about the truth, people depend on these books and resort to all kinds of stupidity, wars , riots, terrorism, untouchabilty, etc, all kinds of shit happen due to religion, just imagine a world without religion, peace in punjab(’83 hindu-muslim riots), a view of two tall towers from the banks of river hudson, most of riots might have never occurred, most social evils would have never even been thought of and many other good things might have happened. 
Now, i am not urging no one to become an atheist or making a direct insult on a particular religion or saying that your faith is stupid, all i want to say is, think, use that thing inside your skull a little more, i am an atheist already and i can proudly say that i became an atheist all by myself just by pure thinking, i always doubted and now i am sure of the truth. It’s all left to you to decide what’s good for you, but give it a thought.

~ by sidhuptdv on February 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “Judaism and Islam”

  1. Hey man superb man!!!! Wow ur thoughts are fantastic am really overwhelmed by u yes religon is just a minor part of today's world had there been no religon my love would well have succeded am happy to see someone write this!! Super stuff from u this post man

  2. thanks for that man, i am thinking of a an completely original concept like the above and that too in hinduism(cos it's closer to our culture), i'll post it soon.

  3. i dont know in what view that msg came as, but if its a joke, then the banana is a double meaning…

  4. dai naiyae ne atheist na kadavula namburava muttalla .porambokku,pannada unakkae evalavu arivu erukku na .Quran na eludhuna andha prophet tukku evalavu arivu erukkum . enimae kadavula pathi kaeli pannuradhu ,quran,bible pathi comment adikkiradha vidhu .endha muslim ponnunga mattum da hindhu payanae kalyanam pannikka Aasapadurangala,sila hindhu ponnungala muslim payanae kalyanam panikka Aasapattu kalyanam panikkuradha pakkalaya nee.NEE ATHIEST NA ATHEISM AH PATHI ELUDHU PADI.matha visayathila thalai edada.ENDHA NAI ELUDUNADUKKU COMMENT VAERA? KAARI THUPPUNUM POLA ERUKKU.NEE OLUNGA ERUKKIYADA FIRST ,NEE OLUNGA ERI APPURAM MATHAVANGALA PATHI COMMENT ELUDHU.

  5. poda dash payalae..

  6. @ vijay i never said i am the most intelligent person in the world, if something makes you think so very much thanks for calling me so,next atheism means saying there is no such thing as god and so there is no prophet so he can't be more clever than me, next i never said that only muslim girls want to marry hindu's i don't care who marry whom until both are human's and that thing i QUOTED there was a sms sent to me by another person so shut up i never personally said muslim customs are bad, infact i like a few, next i am atheist, so I WILL write and read about ATHEISM which means proving religions are wrong, i WILL comment on all the religions in the world because that is what an atheist does, if you don't like what i write just don't read them, who asked you to read them did i beg you to read them? i don't know how to write about atheism without dragging religions into it, please teach me that art.Next people who commented before you understood what i wrote and commented on it, you did not understand even the basic which i wrote and like you have an opinion on what i wrote they also have one and that is what they commented about, and last "NEE OLUNGA ERUKKIYADA FIRST ,NEE OLUNGA ERI APPURAM MATHAVANGALA PATHI COMMENT ELUDHU." brother, what do you know about me? how are you so sure that i not "olungu" for that matter are you so "olungu" to comment on my post? i don't think so? i have right to criticize any person so do you so for the sake of commenting on others no one needs to be "olungu" it's enough if you know what you are talking about. Your comment was 100% bullshit.hahaha

  7. dai peria pudinki madiri pesadha da nayae? eppadi da nee "4.Most important Uncut-Banana!!!" edha eludhulam ?banana va cut panranga pannama erukkanga unakku ennada kavalai,unna poi cut panna solrangala ?mudikkitu erukkamatae. yara pathi vaenalum comment adippiya nee . endha ulagathula yarum arivalinga ella .nee mattum dhan atheist ah endha ulagathila .unna madiri ethanaiyo atheist ah pathuerukka da , avanga ellam unna madiri matha religion ah criticize pannamattanga .nee mattum dhan clever nu ninaikadha da naiye .enda hindu religion ah pathi eludha mattiya ,andha religion pathi eludhuradukku onnum ellaiya?prophet mohammed such a good person was present da.so many people went to mecca&medina to get his blessing da .did you know about islam? comment adikkuradukku evalavo erukku adha vittutu religion ah patthi comment adikkira .your father is an atheist?

  8. siddhartha did you know about islam?why you wrote like this man!don't criticize other religion and the people who belongs to that religion?you should not have right to say about muslim girls ?you mentioned in this is not a reason for marrying the hindu boy by muslim girl.hindu girls also marrying muslim boys know?what you say about that? some fewer muslim only having many children like 5 or 7. hindus also having 5to 8 children know!what you say about that.you should have the right to comment the religion only not the people.mind it.vijay quoted correctly.

  9. @vijay brother first i did not write that sms first, i QUOTED it, which means that i wrote something which is not my opinion and i never thought it was "sema comedy" and all if you want, check the first line after quoting that sms which reads "I don't know how funny it was" , and frankly i wanted to know why all muslim's do circumcision(cutting the banana)what is wrong in that? and when i was searching i found some jew mention that they were written in tora and islam's quran is copied from them, so that is exactly want i wrote, if you fell i insulted muslims i can't do anything and i don't care anyway,and as you just mentioned just show me one atheist who did not criticize god and comment on religions, just one and i'll accept i am wrong, and you asked me to write on hinduism, yes i made one concept already i planned to write this week and before that itself your comment!, so i'll surely write this week, next i don't care how many people go to mecca every year i know millions of people go to mecca, so what man, an atheist says there no such thing as god and i am atheist, yes i don't know much about islam i accept that, but i clearly know what i wrote about, so please read that post properly i commented equally on judaism also and in earlier post i commented a lot on other religions also, so i did not comment only on islam infact this is the first post where i dragged islam, other time's i mostly wrote about christianity and in comments sections i sometimes said that i am going to write on hinduism if you want you check the second comment for this post, and you don't need to tell me what to write ok, i'll write what ever crap comes to my mind, if that is a problem to you, don't read it as simple as that.Finally my father is not atheist(i don't know why you asked it but he belives in god).

  10. @ surya again like vijay above you also are not understanding the post, i just wrote about a sms which an useless idiot sent to me,i know many inter-religion marriages happen ok did i say that girls should marry muslim men? maybe the person who sent me that sms to me felt like that but not me I never said that.You correctly say that i have right to comment on religion and that is what i wrote about I HAVE LOT OF MUSLIM FRIENDS, infact 2 of my very close friends are muslims, i don't hate them i like them very much, it's just the religion they follow i hate, and i never said infront them that your religion is wrong, this is my blog man, my personal blog written by an atheist it will be like this only.Lastly vijay's 2 comments are completely irrelevant because he did not understand what i wrote.

  11. i find that many don't understand how people write about atheism i ask them to please click on the I am Atheist" logo on the top,right side just above the clock, when you click that logo a new blog "Deep Thoughts" opens on that blog many links of atheist related blogs are given, if you read those blogs you'll realize i wrote nothing compared to what they write, please check it out especially @vijay,surya.Thank you.

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