Lola Rennt!

Ok this is my first post from any other browser other than chrome or firefox, am using opera now.
     Lola rennt!, was does that mean, well it’s in german for lola run! literally, and a beautiful movie has been made on that title. This movie is also otherwise famously known as “Run Lola Run”, and it’s directed by Tom Twyker a german director, this is the first german movie i have ever seen, which makes german the 5th foreign language in which i have seen movie’s. Ok many might have seen this movie already since it is so famous and hit theaters in ’98, it’s an absolute thriller with maverick screenplay and even more maniac story.
     Lola gets a phone call from her boyfriend Manni, crying he lost 100,000 marks(german currency) and he’s got only 20 more mins left now(time is 11:40) to pay off or he would be killed by the person whom he owes that money and by 12, he would rob the supermarket near him and take the money to pay away the 100,000, so lola starts running thinking where to go, and she thinks it’s better to go to her dad and then, the movie starts to blow you into pieces, from then on it’s a masterpiece, very fast, very logical, and certainly very good.
     This movie is actually three different sets of stories or ways in which that 100,000 marks can be got, the movie stops after each instance of getting the money and again starts afresh and it ends the third time only.This is a very small movie approx 1 hour and 10 mins but very effective in telling the story. A must watch for thriller genre fans like me, currently rated 8 on imdb, surely going to be one of my most favorite movies of all time.Must Watch movie.Bye.


~ by sidhuptdv on February 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lola Rennt!”

  1. saw the movie, without english sub-titles..There are stuffs i didn't understand (mainly bcoz i dont understand German). One, what were those scenes that comes between each run????Second, was the entire plot just an imagination?? Coz after each run the guy and the gal seems to be on bed discussing something…Thirdly, How does the different run changes the lives of the women with the baby??? Changing the lives of the others made sense but not the women with the baby and the women in the bank (the one outside her dad's cabin).And 12B movie seems to have got the idea from this one…

  2. i saw it with the subs, each time the run starts it's just a new instance of how that run could be done, they discussion on the bed is very important for the story, you download it with english subs and watch.

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