Eden Gardens

     This ground is heaven for any Indian cricketer/fan, any day if anyone asks me to talk about a few test victories by India, i would without doubt mention 2001 Ind vs Aus among a few others, that test happened in the most beautiful eden gardens-Kolkatta , we were hopeless on day:3, following on, but the aussies did not know that if they have to capture the Indian fort, they have to demolish the strong Indian WALL guarded by a STYLISH HYDERABADI, then there were a few spinning arrows thrown at the them bya person know as the TURBONATOR, poor aussies it took lot of time to suppress the first two but then the arrows devastated more than half of their army.Scorecard.
     Eden gardens has magic, something a mortal can’t interpret, present : series against S.A , status : we are 1 down in the two test match series, past : in 2001 we were one down to aus in that series, Similarity : A test match at Eden, Results : Won the series after winning that test, after have risen from the ashes like phoenixes, Present :End of day 1,sa 266 FOR 9…….. Eden is showing it’s magic, History is repeating itself the arrow-thrower is resurrected, the stylish hyderabadi’s back, Wall has been re-built using chennai concrete(that’s badri), the opening slayers are in murderous mood, the rapid spear throwers are spitting fire,every sign of a victory is imminent, we are going to win the match, we are going to remain the Number one.


~ by sidhuptdv on February 14, 2010.

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