Hurt Locker

     Those guys, the oscar judges are a bit weird i think, i saw this movie yesterday, it’s a good movie, but it’s too slow. I think it’s the american mind set, which is different from mine, Iraqi, Afgani war, i don’t know them and i don’t care about them, but maybe the american’s may know about it cos, they have done those wars. The movie starts with the death of an american bomb squad person in Iraq and he’s replaced with a new bomb technician, who’s extremely reckless and don’t care about his life. The story is about that bomb technician and his 3 member team, in which one gets injured just because of the bomb tech, and the third one is a be safe person. At the end of their rotation term , the be safe person goes home to marry and have children and does not want to return, but the reckless bomb tech feels Iraq needs more bomb techs and returns for a full one year term to Iraq leaving his wife and one year child.

     Good movie but as i said it’s too slow and gory in some scenes, watchable movie, i just didn’t have no emotional connect with that story. 

~ by sidhuptdv on February 13, 2010.

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