Goa-Not really a senseless holiday

     Senseless holiday, that’s how it was refered to, but i don’t think it’s a really senseless movie, of course it ain’t so funny but the real-bad-don’t-watch reviews were not the truth i saw this movie a few hours back at rohini multiplex, the theater was not really good either sound effects were bad and moreover a lot of scenes were a copy from many english movies, like hangover where those people go to vegas, these guys go to goa to have a good time and they later get into trouble and in a scene vaibhav gets allergy due to sea food (copied from hitch) and a beer drinking contest in the bar(copied from??? you guess). There are three special appearances in the movie prasanna, simbu, nayanthara.
     Initially jessica alba was approached to play a important role in the movie but she asked a large amount of money as fees, so they selected somebody else to play that role. Music of this movie was not great only one song, direction finds nothing nice to mention, camera work and certain special effects were good. Performance by sampath the famous villain as a soft speaking homosexual is very good, and others performances were also fine just about ok i have to say. This movie is nothing really to watch only if there is no other proper work to do, go for this movie( I had no proper work). Not really waste of money but a part of it.


~ by sidhuptdv on February 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Goa-Not really a senseless holiday”

  1. haven't seen the movie yet… but jessica alba??? Really???

  2. even in credits at the end of movie, they show her photo and "jessica alba as so and so(i don't her real name)" appears and don't go to that movie instead try tamil padam

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