Tamil Padam, Porkkalam

     I am tired, my head’s aching and stomach seems to have swelled, throats a bit dry and for what? I saw this movie a few hours back, me and 3 others went to this movie at rohini theaters and found seats at some 5th row from the screen, the moment the movie started people(including me) started shouting,hooting, whistling and it never stopped till the interval. It is a spoof of many movies and contains a no reason complete non-sense story, in the morning some idiot said that the movie was bad but that was not the case when i saw the movie only disappointment was that the only 4 of us went for the movie but this is a 10-member-in-a-gang movie, it feels better when you watch it with a gang of friends.
    This movie contains a ridiculous love story but extremely funny one, a hero who just does all stupid things and old thata’s potrayed as college students, and the list of funny things in this especially the interval block the “Run” fight in the subway, hero’s intro after becoming a man from a boy miraculously just in 5 sec’s are few of the best moments.Highly recommend anyone who reads this movie to watch it but go with a bunch of friends.

By the way last tuesday that’s 26th i saw “Porkalam”, a friend said it was good and me and another guy went for it at the devi complex, waste of money, theater was not that good, too much ac etc this movie’s story is very mysterious cos, I’ve not yet understood why such a movie was taken, but only one thing is this camera work superbly done, slow fade-in’s and out’s were good but an extremely bad movie, highly recommend not watch it. Bye guys,tc.



~ by sidhuptdv on January 30, 2010.

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