Sports movies and criticism on Cricket

     Of late i have been watching a few good movies, and Chak De India is one of them,this movie is named as the 12th best sports movie of all time on imdb, and we have 3 of our movies in that list Iqbal and Lagaan are the other 2, while the other two were more art oriented and about cricket,this movie’s little less arty and about hockey.This movie is about a coach called Kabir Khan,coach of the women’s national hockey team who brings the team from nowhere to victory but his personal hockey carrier was spoiled when he misses to make a penalty goal in a Ind VS Pak match, as soon pak wins, a member of the pak team comes and shakes hand with him in good sportsman spirit but the media takes close-ups of this hand shake and makes it a national issue alleging kabir of match fixing then he leaves his home and disappears for 7 years and then appears on the scene in path breaking style.
     This movie had good music,camera work,acting,story etc.As far as i am concerned i always thought Sharukh was a bad actor and that was because that always he acts in those masala flicks mostly and his KKR team publicity stunts(which actually did negative publicity) and most importantly i have not seen many of his movies earlier and that has changed now but the one thing i don’t like about this movie is that there is too much of negativity towards cricket, but lets assess we just won one cricket world cup and in present tense cricket is the only sport here,hockey won most of the golds, in fact india has the highest number of olympic medals in hockey but it still can’t find a proper place with peoples interests, why? maybe politics…..It’s time people stop blaming cricket and see what’s wrong with other sport administrations, cricket did well(the admin’s of course) to be decorated in this era but what did other sports do?….
     It’s too late for me to rate this movie but i will give a 8.5/10.There are equally good movies Iqbal and Lagaan and as far as i remember india has produced 4 bollywood sports movies and three are in the top 15 ,4th movie is goal(john abraham,bips starrer).One movie called “Sye” it’s a masala flick,telegu movie,college oriented and rugby based(would you believe that?) is worth a mention a good movie and “Lee” tamil movie, football based did average it had a bad actor to play the lead that’s it as far as i remember ok bye.


~ by sidhuptdv on December 31, 2009.

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