Mentioned on other blogs

    My blog other than here and my orkut,fb accounts don’t find much mention, but it actually was mentioned somewhere else, here is the proof.

       The 3rd one on that list is mine. So what’s it?is the question here is the answer,I joined the Atheist blogroll which is like a community for atheists who blog but only one thing that we have do to stay in the community is to write on atheism once in a while, and that is what i like to do. Anyone who writes on atheism can join there, to join click on the atheist blogroll picture on the top right side of my blog and follow the instructions on the page which it leads to.
       And i almost forgot my blog is mentioned on one of my friends blog too, and that is the only place where my blog might ever get mentioned, it’s the second one on the list.Bye


~ by sidhuptdv on December 31, 2009.

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