Stranger than Fiction

       After we ran amuck out of the theater after watching vettaikaran, we went to the beach station where we found a hotel to eat and slowly our senses came back, then we went to the beach sat there watching the waves and that too in peace, don’t know the reason but there were no disturbances like “anne sudal vaangi sapude anne” or “thambi beach ku vande, verkadali vangu pa” no nothing of that sort, all shops were closed and no vendors at all only the normal public,then we went to the citi center and wanted to book tickets for avatar for shows on 29,30 or 31 but booking was open only till 28 and so we asked to come back on friday or so, we returned home from there and it was one and half hour drive by bus.

      After coming home i quickly decided to watch a movie and this was the movie i saw “Stranger than fiction”, and a refreshing difference from the movie i saw in the day, the story is of a I.R.S agent by the name of Harold Crick who lives a lone life full of symmetry and calculations upto the point that he even counts the number of brush strokes while brushing and does the same number everyday, suddenly one day he starts hearing a voice in his head that narrates what he does and the that female voice also once states that he has an imminent death awaiting ,he panics and meets a doctor who says that’s schizo but he wouldn’t listen he meets a literary professor who tries to assess and find what’s that voice and in-between harold goes to audit a baker whom he falls in love with and the romance scenes are very well shot where he buys a guitar and sings a song, harold slowly realizes that he is going to die so he just wants to live his life and enjoy it, he want’s to buy a guitar and that too which tells about him he finds one not in great shape but a really cool one and karoke’s his fav songs and while doing things like that, he finds that a certain women Ms.Eiffel is the voice in his head he finds her phone number and address goes to inform her that she is the voice in his head and asks her how she knows that he was going to die, she says that she’s writing a book a tragedy that of the story of the death of a simple person harold, she also finds that as she types the story on her typewriter, the things happen she has already written an abstract of the death but has not typed it yet, harold takes the unprinted book and gives it to the professor who is assessing him, he reads it and tells him that people have to be lucky to get a death of that type,harold very sadly takes the book and reads it fully and gives it back to the author and says he is happy to accept such a death or his life would have no meaning and the story takes a few sudden turns from there that’s the story just without the ending i can’t write such a beauty i don’t deserve writing it nor i can’t express such a beautiful ending with my vocabulary and writing skills.
       The imdb link is this, it’s rated 7.9 as i write this, but it deserves an clear 8.5 above rating these imdb raters are kind of foolish they don’t give movies like this one or “50 first dates“, a good rating, overall this one is a must watch, logic once or twice takes a back seat but you would like it anyways just like “The Truman Show” superb movie.I have to mention the graphics used in the movie just excellently done.If i rate it, it’s 8.5/10 ,i feel like i am fortunate to watch such movies.Ok bye it’s 1:00 already and i need to go to a Christmas party tomo and the 4th odi India vs Sri Lanka match was as good as the movie.
Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen the movie please watch it instead of reading this, i tried my best not to reveal a lot and did a fair job,but don’t read it.

~ by sidhuptdv on December 24, 2009.

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