Fine’s and Ban’s

     “I’ll See You Outside” says Benn

 You would have got it,Yes it’s about cricket first the controversy the “Sulieman Benn” issue.And it is a serious one in my opinion it’s racism in cricket. The incident was a very normal one, Midge hits one just to his off side and Benn goes to pick the ball up as Haddin tries for a quick single and they collide and an altercation occurs between the both and it is settled quickly but the real incident occurs a few overs later when Benn stops a ball which is hit straight back and aims it back at the stumps on the strikers side while looking at Haddin and then Haddin almost charges upto to Benn saying things and Benn’s not to be left behind starts saying things and that too in his Caribbean calypso style when they keep talking to each others Midge enters and puts his head blocking Benn hand and Benn gives him a slight push. Gayle tries to separate Benn and the white boys but it’s of no use, the umpires mere look at them as if it was funny. Complaints lodged and the racist referee Chris Broad hands 25% and 10% ban to Haddin and Midge each, but 2 ODI ban on Benn…..Ok i ask this question how would have Chris Broad reacted if he was in Benn’s situation? Everyone knows the aussie’s racist culture so i have no doubt that they would have said something to Benn, coming back to Chris Broad he would have reacted the way in which Benn had, and leave that why was a ban not handed on the aussie’s, maybe cos they are white, that’s the only thing i can think of. Similar incident took place in 2007 day 3 of the 2nd test match at Sydney in the series between India and Australia when Bajji was provoked by Hayden,Symonds and co, that’s when aussies were told that are the most “Champion Stuff” team in the world. I hear W.I has appealed the ban and most probably i feel that the ban will be overturned when the case falls in the hands of a proper non-racist judge.

This is my personal opinion so if there is something wrong please forgive my mistake.

~ by sidhuptdv on December 20, 2009.

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