Fine’s and Ban’s Part-II

    This one’s simple one compared to the last post India while playing against the Lankans in the 2’nd ODI used up extra 45 mins of the alloted time and that is not too late to be left off with a fine and Dhoni has been handed a two ODI ban effective immediately and all the team members 40% of the match fee has docked as fine.For Dhoni hater’s like me ,we are happy to see a match without him but generally for a normal and neutral fan it’s a little sour.None is to be blamed here the referee Jeff Crowe did what was written in the book and the new rules in the book are very strict, Dhoni and his team bowled only 8 overs in the last one hour while the normal rate would be 14-16 per hour. When in pressure, it generally takes time to bowl your overs but 45 mins was a little too much but India had to try their best to win and so it’s OK considering the spirit of the game issue. The B.C.C.I won’t appeal(very un-BCCI style) the ban or the fine.

   The captain for the next two tests is Shewag and Dhoni will be back for the final match. So enjoy guys waiting to see an ODI without Dhoni.
   As i write this post i realize that Makaya Ntini is playing his 100th test match Kudos Makaya!!!
 You are one of the best.

~ by sidhuptdv on December 20, 2009.

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