THE Most Idiotic Ad campaign ever

    I was casually watching Tv yesterday after coming from college when this most idiotic ad campaign came up, i have been hearing about it for some days now but i thought that it was some stupid ad like many others(i mean tata docomo train ad) which appear on tv, but i was shocked and kind of felt like i am an idiot to watch it as i found that it was a 30 mins feature on a few channels. So what is it, it is a ad campaign which is motivated by a foolish group called W.A.L.S (Women Against Lazy Stubble) who push men in their home and surroundings to get a clean shave(lol!). Sounding stupid right, i felt the same way when i saw it.
    It actually appears on three cnn channels in India(cnn-ibn,ibn7,cnbc) as a 30 mins sponsored feature which exactly copies the style in which a news channel airs it’s programs and actually shows how men suffer because of a stubble(hehehe), it makes interviews with those men who had suffered due to a UNSHAVED beard and ask others to opt for clean shaved look(hahaha) and shows the advantages of it(hahahehehaha).
   Let me tell a few of the most funniest instances in that 30 minute feature i saw, first it shows three celebrities each for a zone who FIGHT so that men in their zone shave(they actually seem to be serious abt it!!!), then they show a person who was frustrated because his gf refused to go for movie with him because he had a BEARD(laugh out loud,roll on the floor), then he appears after a week with a clean shave and his gf readily takes him with her for a movie(i am awestruck!!). Next the sorry story of a college professor, students bunk his classes, they give him red roses for, you guessed it right, he had a BEARD(i am already coughing), then after a week he shaves and the students return to the classes, he say that now students seem to listen in his classes!!!!(because he shaved his beard!!), then a few more instances when a working class person opens his lunch box he finds a piece of paper instead of food inside and “shave or starve”(tears rolling down my cheeks) written on it and a few more like stupid ones like these.
           Gillette have gone mad where were the days when you signed dravid, federer,tiger(bitch?) for your ad’s ,what’s wrong with you guys , you must fire the person who gave you this idea and stop this absolutely INSANE ad campaign right NOW. It is negative publicity for gillette considering the money they would have spent for signing up super models/actresses and to get a whole 30 minute slot on India’s most watched news channels to publicize this stupid campaign. And more idiotic is that their mach 3 razor is priced at RS.125 and they call it CHEAP and they say that India is queuing up at stores to buy the new and cheap razor and they are running outta stock!!!!.
           After watching that atrocious 30 min program i felt i must do my bit to make fun of it and i think i successfully did it by posting about it. If you are looking for some funny things to watch on tv then i suggest you watch this campaign it’s out right funny (women pushing men to shave, what does it matter to them).
is the link for it’s site there are timings at which it will aired watch it have a really funny time….Bye guys…Tc

~ by sidhuptdv on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “THE Most Idiotic Ad campaign ever”

  1. I am not sure what you were trying to achieve here. but as your profile rightly reads – you like to write for 'no reason'. Think you could change it and say – 'i like to write, with NO reasoning'

  2. reasoning had nothing wrong there are you by chance some kind of employee with gillette…I was trying to show how stupid had indian tv shows become, nowadays i can't watch tv peacefully many stupid adz come up which are intolerable and if you look aound the post properly you will find that it was posted in the silly section…so silly reasoning out that's more sillier than my post

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