Numero Uno in Test Cricket

That’s the Icc test Championship Trophy, it’s ours now!!!

            It,s a remarkably proud day for any cricket fan in India, because today is the day which will be marked into history books as the day of ultimate glory in Indian cricket. Test cricket is the game for toughest of hearts unlike the junk food cricket(i.e,T-20,tastes good but can’t be eaten daily) this is the proper cricket far more lovelier than any other form. It may seem boring, but believe me tests are the most exciting. This series was very exciting everyone has seen the mini god Shewag play like one was seeing a t-20 highlights, wonderful memories for my lifetime, i have no doubt about this.
            It was not single day achievement unlike the junk food wc win in ’07, it has been a process and i am really happy that this time ’round every laurel has not been placed at that stupid dhoni’s feet(i have reasons for that i will post on that soon), the process they say stared 18 months back as far i am concerned i remember a test win in South Africa, we lost the one day series badly,i think 4-1 loss for us and a t-20 also, but that test win on their soil was the real starter, it set a fire in every cricket fan’s belly screaming that we have arrived to conquer each format and we did we were t-20 champs(no credit to dhoni,ask yourself what did he perform there is S.A), no:1 in odi’s for 24 hours, and now we are the champs of real cricket too. The series in Aus(jan-feb ’08) was very motivating for a any average cricket fan and i must mention Kumble here because he taught others that cricket needs to be played from the heart he undoubtedly was the lone warrior for us most of the time(unlike dhoni who never does something substantial to win), we must celebrate it now or it’s gonna be never.
            As a matter fact, the hard truth is that we may only be at the top for 2 weeks. Other than this series there are 6 other teams are playing tests around the world and more worse we have only 2 tests in the next 6 months, and the bcci is interested only in the junk food and the money from it, so they come up with such stupid scheduling ruining a beautiful chance to sustain the ranking, moreover the ranking don’t really show the reality, we did not play with S.A in recent times ,S.A deserve to be the top in some way by the end of 2 weeks we wont remain still remain at the top of the ranking chart, so wtf we must enjoy it today.
            Whatever happens, how many movies i watch,documentaries i see..ultimately i am more passionate about cricket and then comes atheism followed by anything else even zeitgeist however strong message it may be have had i still fell like, “wtf do i care”, so the point here is that i am a cricket freak and i don’t care about politics, social welfare those are not meant for me, my genre reads silly stuff and cricket, so never think that once in a while i post about the society and i care about it, at the end still i don’t give a damn to it . Maybe i said it a little harshly but my instincts made me write it.Bye guys ,Tc…(i edited it once after the post, it had hell a lot of mistakes and the last para does not have any meaning,Don’t read it(i was trying to be funny))……


~ by sidhuptdv on December 6, 2009.

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