The pic above says it all.The artistic value of the movie is excellent but what was more better was the concept of the movie.This one has 3 parts which are of 3 different genres.
Part I-The Greatest Story Ever told
         What is it?It is god,the light,the saviour,etc whatever, is just a story written by a few people who just took the source from the nature and hence every thing they talk about in the holy books is about nature.If any one is really having ideas about changing to atheism,i personally cannot recommend a better documentry than this one.It deals mainly with christainity but in the process also does a great deal to drag in other religions into it including hinduism, clearly showing how most of the religions are false(but i must accept surprisingly that no where was islam dragged into, still it is all bullshit no doubt) it tells that in egyptian mythology the god for sun was horus and from him the idea of christ was born.The most basic thing is the birth of the christ,now when he was born three kings came to him guided by a star from the east to offer clothes etc(where those kings idiots to follow a star?moving stars happens all the time,and still how did they find the exact location and why did only kings follow and why not others?you got it,it’s all bullshit) the star in the east is sirius the brightest star in the northern hemisphere and it comes exactly on the straight line with the orion’s belt(group of 3 stars) hence three kings(orion’s belt) find the light,saviour,etc(sirius).Bullshit right,and a lot more has been reveled like this in this part.
Part II-All the world’s a stage
         This is the most shocking part,this part clearly reveals with proof that 9/11 is a conspiracy with proof i repeat,this is just not a story to story to ignore and all could one do is only wish that it was a dream and not real, impact is the right word, this part just impacts the kind of way which one looks at politics,corporate companies and mostly events like 9/11.The report submitted on the 9/11 incident shows many irregularities which are overlooked like a statement reads”It is not known as to who is the funders of incident,however it is not of much importance”(not exact but meaning is the same) using even my brain which is not even close to considered intelligent tells that it is most important to find the people who invested in them maybe they kept this silent because the govt were the funders and may more shockers like this
Part III-Don’t Mind the Men Behind the Curtain  
          This one is particularly about the corporations which were behind the ww 1,ww 2,veitnam war and part of U.S in it.It shows the corporations pushed the govt to take part in the war and actually create instances which would provoke a war.The ww I,u.s declared neutrality but the companies benefit the most only from a war,cos it would help them finance to develop the war-destroyed areas,so they made an incident and then blew it outta proportions,if you remember history, you might have a vague idea of a ship with american passengers on board was sunk by german sub-marines,this was the incident it was actually staged the liner was sent into german waters and the germans had other go but to bombard the liner which had ammunition inside it so that if they don’t automatically shoot they could provoke or even the blast would be bigger with bombs inside already,similarly pearl harbour and vietnam wars.This obviously shows us that the modern day wars on afgans and iran is just another one like that.This part also deals major-ly deals with the fractional banking system which is an absolute fraud and what they intend to do finally again with solid proof.
           I have seen the remastered edition which actually was re-made from the prototype zeitgeist on youtube which was the most viewed for sometime the video is available even on youtube or the full version can be torrents downloaded.I urge, pls watch it whoever reads this and then join the zeitgeist movement at http://www.thezeitgeist.com.


~ by sidhuptdv on December 3, 2009.

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