Don’t even know what that word means,so wat is it ?It is a documentary that about how the world is mostly occupied by the big corporate companies,it shows how certain government were brought down to just to benefit these corporations,the flaws in the system of money,mind-blowing confessions of people,the venus project(nothing to do with astronomy) and etc.
                 Quite frankly i did not see many documentaries before a few about atheism,a few micheal moore’s documentaries,so i am not in a position to rate this one.But however i can say that this is one the best documentaries ever made and i feel fortunate to have seen.
                  The first part is with the flaws in the money system,flaws maybe we should not call it flaws in the system,but the system itself as a flaw.This part clearly shows how money is made from nothing and how much blinding faith we have in it(worser than theism).
                   The part 2,this is the part where you might just jump off the seat,this part is about the confessions of the economic hitman.The confessions are made by an ex-corporation employee who tells how the governments were brought down,the assassinations,the wars etc as far a i remember,guatemala,panama,iraq,iran were in the list,now one may get the doubt that wat iraq,it is that the corporations were interested in getting the oil and pump that out for their own use,but saddam objected,they tried bribary,he did not accept,they tried to assassinate but he was way too smart to be just killed by a long distance sniper shot,so thay invade iraq in the pretext that saddam was havin weapons of mass destruction and destroy the country fully and now they have a new president under their control,so they can easily get the oil easily same goes with the afgans may be 9/11 was U.S funded may the u.s corporations funded.There are many irregularities which anyone can notice for example,Saddam was hanged secretly,Why?No one knows….
                    The part 3,is where you you don’t lose hope,you don’t neither get a lot of hope but maybe just positively we must believe that there is hope.In this part the venus project is disscussed and a little bit of atheism too.It shows how the world is being brought down by the old ideas or rather the stupid systems which would consider a free thinker with new ideas as a fool.It just shows that the political,spiritual systems support this blasphemy and how the corporations are benefited.The Venus project too is quite stunning too it shows a world in which technology has touched it’s core,where money did not exist(money does not exist!!!?) which would eventually put end to most of the crimes happening today considering money and religion are the two main causes of crime.This part is particularly spectacular where they show the efficiencies of the power of renewable energy sources and again the companies involvement in the slow down.
                    The fourth part and the hardest part where they urge to join the movement and just name the brands that are helping the companies develop that include citybank,jp morgan chase group,they urge not to watch tv news which is filtered and biased but the internet can help us still and many like this.
                     After seeing all this i must say, i have a ray of hope now i joined the zeitgeist movement,i will do my bit.starting now.Please watch this documentary and join the the zeitgeist movement www.thezeitgiestmovement.com.
                      I urge anyone who reads this to atleast check out this website, the print or tv media will never come up with promoting this internet is the only saviour,by the way i jus found out that this one i have seen is only the second part,so i will post after seeing the first documentary also and also Prison Break was based on companies like this.


~ by sidhuptdv on November 29, 2009.

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  1. http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com,,,,,,,Pls join it italy has 1400 members and our country only 3500,where population is at a scale 1 to 1000.

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