I saw this movie at the Albert cinemas recently,and i must accept after a long while i had seen a movie which i liked. This movie is realistic and good to watch.The movie starts from inside the isro rocket launch center where they are preparing to launch a rocket for improving agriculture(how?),by this launch India would become the no:1 in space programs and economy(how?).Then the movie completely moves on to a camp of college girls who are the NCC cadets and their trainer is one of the person belonging to the tribe whom these girls dislike for no real reason and that very person turns out be the hero jeyam ravi.The girls cause a lot of problems to the hero as it is in their nature to cause problems and dhuruvan(name of lead character) takes everything easily and let’s them do what ever they want without askin any questions.
                  At the end of the camp there is a trekking trip planned and only a select cadets would be taken there and the hero selects the most notorious five those who did not get trained properly.As these girls are a-holes they again get into trouble by crashing the jeep into almost getting themselves killed,then they get stuck into some valley.Since dhuruvan lives in those areas he knows where to go and where not to go,they intially plan to return to their camp by the evening but as i said those girls are real a-holes they again cause trouble and they cancel their plan of gettin home so they build a camp and durin the night one of the a-holes ventures out into the forests,thats when she sees two white men(in which one is roland kickinger the body builder) with latest guns and other military eqipments,she runs back to the tent and tells dhuruvan about the two men,so he doubts that they could mercenaries to stop the launch of the rocket and stop India from becoming the numero uno in space programs and stuff.
                   The girls then decide that they must take down those two men and it is their responsibility to protect the country even at the cost of their lives this when then the first half ends and the a-holes turn into patriots, from then on it was fully military tactics in fighting using primitive and brutal ways of killing the mercenaries and stopping them from destroying our rocket,meanwhile they lose girls but they about 13 of the mercenaries,and they the reward goes to some idiot finally.
                    I must this was the only movie in which jeyam ravi ACTED all the others were mere copying.The australian body builder was excellent in his role as the leader of the mercenary,all the girls were de-glamourised and played their role to perfection, music was unbearable, cinematography was one of the best of it’s kind the tribals acted well overall kudos to director jahannathan who made a very good movie only if they the producers put in more money it would have been excellent.
DISCLAIMER:Don’t read this if u have not seen the movie yet it has a lot of spoilers.
RATING:8 outta 10 if there was more money in this movie then it would surely been a 9 outta 10.
OK Bye guys tc.


~ by sidhuptdv on October 27, 2009.

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