Prison break Season3

I saw the third season also but posting late.This season is completely about getting outta the sona prison in panama,which is considered as the most dirtiest and dangerous prison in the world(according to the story).The company wants to get a certain australian called whistler who has to hide in the prison’s sewer’s so that he can stay alive(that’s a whole different story).Then as u know in the end they breakout with some excellent plans but the how is really interesting.

The one thing about this season is that it got a pg 14+ rating which means parental guidance is required,yeah it is gory from the beginning,it has a really gory prison,a severed head lot a fights with lot of blood shed.This season is made of only 13 episodes but the story is conveyed in it.Ok guys i watched the first 10-12 episodes of the fourth and the final season also and still i never feel like it is boring.Bye


~ by sidhuptdv on October 24, 2009.

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