Ya i saw this movie yesterday at the idream cinemas in royapuram.The movie uses a stupid age old child-lost-comeback-home formula which i have seen since i was born and even before i was born there were movies like it.Simple story hero is like a street thug in kolkatta,he does anything for money and with his talent of underwater shooting and jumping from one building to another(copied from district b-13),he becomes famous and rich,one fine day he gets a big deal,he goes to kill a judge who is about to submit his report on findings of a organ selling scam,but he does not kill this time apparently that was the first time he had ever missed a target(lol).The dealer comes askin questions,surya throws the money back at him and swears that he would kill the judge.Then he cons Vadivelu who works as a domestic help at the judges house and get’s into the house and plans to kill him,but it happens in such a way that always his targets miss by a whisker.Then the twist he comes into the house only to protect the judge as a bodyguard(it really sucks).Then the dealer plans his own assassination to kill the judge and surya(why?!!) but surya saves him kills the villian.
              The initial talk was that it was a very bad movie,but after all it is not such a bad movie,in the first half Vadivelu’s comedy is very good,the first half is good and fast paced,the second half is not that good,music is average,Surya as always acted like he was the one who created acting and he looked awesome,nayanthara was ugly as always bad acting and only for the songs.Overall this is a one time watch movie jus enjoy the movie don’t expect the logic to be correct always.
MY RATING:6 outta 10
P.S:This review is full of spoiler’s so if u have not seen the movie DON’T read this first,jus look at the last para,there are no spoilers over there.


~ by sidhuptdv on October 20, 2009.

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