Prisoner’s of a white god

Now let me get into a little bit controversy recently i watched this documentary named “Prisoners of a White God”,by a Czech republican called Tomas Ryska….As myself being an atheist i was searchin for some documentaries on atheism on when i found this video i downloaded it and watched it, after i finished watching this documentary i felt like i had all the more reasons to be a atheist.

Sometimes i feel like am i correct in being an atheist and is there any good in this,as far as my understanding about theism i thought that those people had an advantage in doing more good things than people like me because they fear something called a hell and god would save them if they do good oh they fear something called god too,but what is the point if jus fear of someone will make us do good rather than we stay good because we want to be good don’t we have something called as conscious……Theism has it advantages into turning a man from really deadly person to a good person but it causes many problems than it solves.
So leavin my personal opinions behind, this documentary is located and takes place in two places Thailand and Laos.Young tomas goes to thailand after he graduates in a economics degree to study the tribes of Akha who live in the hilly regions of these countries.He set out normally jus to study their behavior and other things but in that process he finds something stood like a silent demon doin it work slowly and quietly.As a white person he took shelter at a local Christian somekind of a missionary which takes care of the these Akha tribes initially he is first not given access to the whole place but as he stayed on he found things about these homes and missionaries set mostly the whites.
The akha tribals remain disconnected from the world for all their life they have water,food,no diseases but all they have to do is hard work to get the food.They follow no rules they worship nature as gods and live a carefree life without a fear,but these apparently good doing missionaries they adopt the poorest person of the tribe and give him food and shelter seeing this other tribes also join them as it looks to be very easy to them no need to go out on search of food in this process only one thing they ask convert to Christianity.They take many kids from the families on the pretext of givin them better shelter and more but what do they do in the name of god is just sin absolute sin.
In the home where the kids are already converted to Christianity are made to work like slaves in the estates of the person who owns the home in return to their education and health care.Tomas by then gets more reliable to the church members and they start to tell all the inside stories of running these missionaries,the whites who come from the west come here to just in greed of turning all the world into christian world what is the difference between these people and the taliban except for they don’t show any violence to the outside world.Inside the missionary tomas finds all kinds of sin slave trade,child abuse, psychological abuse on children and name it and they have it.Tomas manages to get record the conversations inside with a audio recorder because he can’t jus take a camera.
Next he goes to the Laos where it is a differnt story it is the government the govt thinks that since the akha’s wont come to development we shall bring them down to development.They do what they say capture the akha’s ina brutal manner and bring them down from the hills where they start to die due to malaria and other diseases and more worse it has now become a tourist spot for the foreigners…lookin at their plight and makin merry out it,tomas returns to thai to go back to his country and tell the world the two different stories he has experienced.
He arranges a small meeting in a restaurant in thai with a certain person belonging to the church who says that he would come forward to give a detailed story,but this somehow leaks out all the missionaries start chasing him tryin to capture him and kidnap him and destroy the tapes and recorded voices but he manages to escape these people and gets to switch on his camera to record a little of his escape.Then he reaches his country and makes this documentary.
What was in that documentary happens in all the places even in India,I have heard stories before people telling me that there are people and christian missionaries whose only aim to convert people into christianity it happens in many villages where people can be easily converted and even in my college all these the peons,receptionists, administrators all work here only as a duty to the institution which got them in and converted them and then gave education.All good done only in the name of god actually they do evil.Guess i’ll end it here.
DISCLAIMER:I really don’t mean to hurt any one religion specifically,if any christian reads this he\she is bound to get offended but i wrote this only show how people do evil in the name of god NOT just that one god you believe in.However all those people who are theists are bound to get offended and i don’t care for that…being a true Atheist there is no religion,race,colour,creed,no nothing all are equal just like that Anbe Sivam,theist or atheist don’t matter to me.

~ by sidhuptdv on October 19, 2009.

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