Prison Break Season 2

The last time i wrote about this tv serial i had watched only about 10-12 episodes of the first season.Now i watched all of the first two season’s damn is it good it is f-ing so awesome.One thing really amazes me is that the way in which they land twist right at the eve of the break and killer twist right at the end of the episode over and over again in each and every episode.
In the first season they break out of the prison,totally 8 of them escape the lead character micheal schofield,lincoln burrows,sucre,tweener,t-bag,c-note,j cat,john abruzzi.All of these guys have a reason to break out of the prison except for j cat who is mentally unstable and t bag who is who is a pshycopatic killer others have done nothing really that wrong to get a jail term jus circumstances throw them into the prison.They initially plan to break out with two more guys manche and charles westmoreland but manche gets caught and charles dies at the event of escape but as was goin to die he tells where he hid the 5 million dollers he stole in 1972 before being caught by the police for some different reason.That’s the first season they jus break out here.
In the second season the story gets even deeper john abruzzi the person who was supposed to help these guys fly outta the country is the first to get killed by a fbi agent mahone, then the young tweener gets killed by the same agent mahone then t bag starts his killing spree as soon he gets out,c note gets caught,sucre escapes to mexico where his is supposed to marry his lover maricruz,j cat commits suicide that too because mahone really changes his mind to die.This mahone gets his orders from a company which wants sheofield and linc dead so they catch and kill anyone who has been with these guys which effectively makes all the escapees likely to get killed.Then lot’s of twists and turns the bro’s go to Panama to escape and disappear from the world but mahone being a fbi agent somehow manages to find them in panama but by then the plan has changed and the company does not want to kill now but to escape from the panamanian prison called as sona as he broke out from the american prison fox river penittenciary.That is the second season,it was really good the camera work in mexico and especially panama was really really good and that’s it there is lot of story and characters missed above cos i cannot wrote the whole 20-24 episode season in a post ok guys bye try this serial out if u get the chance to it’s really good take my word for it bye guys.


~ by sidhuptdv on October 16, 2009.

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