Vijay’s "vettaikaran"

Vijay the un-imitable Comedian
How stupid can a man get? Answer look at the picture above none better than that dick above.I downloaded this movie songs recently upon the request of a friend who is a vijay fan,he said to me that all the songs in the movie were super hit,i always knew that he would defend vijay for all the stupid things he does and i can not believe his word but when i listened to the songs myself…….. I was swept off my feet..literally in laughter..” Naan Adicha Thaanga mata, 4 masa thoonga mata” did anyone hear a song before which sung in the first person view praising one’s own style or something like that, ok those vijay fan’s say there was this song in dhool “Singam Pola Nadhundhu Varan”,but that was sung like praising someone else(Anyways that song was in a way funny) all these kinds of funny antics only occur in vijay’s movies,and more funny the fan’s try to defend such stupid reasons.
BOTTOM LINE:They say a Laughter is the best medicine,so pls listen the songs they are seriously funny……..Frankly one song is good,two others are really funny(Naan adicha,Puli urumbudhu) others are not good.bye guys

~ by sidhuptdv on September 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Vijay’s "vettaikaran"”

  1. God I so totally agree with you. Vijay is just making himself look like a conceited hot air balloon. The problem is that thousands of Tamilians are hopelessly oblivious to his self directed paeans. Sigh.

  2. Ha ha let me tell me you a fact, this very post here attracts the most traffic on my site and i love it!!

  3. adapavi you like this ah mamma………….koduma machi………

  4. Dai na eppo da apdi sonnen…..What are you talkin about i hate vijay.

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