Unnai Pol Oruvan

Recently i watched this movie called “Unnai Pol Oruvan”, I missed the first half an hour but i was able to understand the movie.This movie seemed to be less than 2 hours not sure about the run time but i should be very less.

First of all the movie uses a already used style of taking, of course it is a remake of the hindi movie “A Wednesday”,this movie looks like “Speed” the super hit hollywood thriller,Kamal as ever acted superbly,his character is that of a common man who does things to kill terrorists ,he uses hi tech equipments(goof up,how can a normal man get access to such costly devices like a high end pda,laptops etc) for making phone calls to the police,the roll of police is played by mohan lal who also did a commendable job in the roll of the commissioner of police and black mails him to release 4 terrorists or else he would detonate the 4 bombs he had placed in various parts of the city.
I must say this movie is surely not the best movie you would have seen,the only difference in this movie is that the person appearing to be the bad guy turns the good guy in the end.There are no songs in he movie only the back ground music it was good it was scored by shruthi Hasan. This movie plays a lot with the hindu-muslim riots in gujrat and other national issues.The hindi version would run successfully only because it dealt with a more real 26\11 attacks in mumbai. I recommend it only as a one time watch movie because there are many mistakes in this movie and more importantly U wont get the feeling that u are watching a movie at all,my rating is 5.0\10 .

~ by sidhuptdv on September 22, 2009.

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