Prison Break

This is my first sensible post, and it is about a serial in english called “Prison Break”. It is about a person called Micheal Schoefield who is a class topper in some top university in the U.S gets into a jail to plan a prison break and in the course save his elder brother Lincoln Burrows who is going to be put on death sentence in one month.
Micheal appears to be an architect and his whole body is filled with tattoos which actually when you look closer it shows the blue-print of the jail which he and his bro are imprisoned and the tattoos also contain other details of his escape he get’s into a lot of trouble inside the prison getting what he wants, fights with inmates and other stuff.
I have just watched 8 episodes till now and it is breath-taking how this serial was made.I was always of the impression that serials can never be good and courtesy regional serials they really suck,but this one is really different it holds your interest in every episode and u will be wanting to watch the other episodes….This thing but it appears similar to the movie “Shawshank Redemption” but that was slow and based in some 1920’s to 1950’s and this one appears modern and really fast and both guys use their brain to get out.
That was also a great movie which had an twist to the end but his one is having new twists every single episode…So guys that’s it for now I suggest you people watch it if you get it in a DVD or download it you wont regret wasting time downloading it cos each season comes in about 7 gb.Ok guys Bye for now.


~ by sidhuptdv on September 21, 2009.

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